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What is this book about?

Exam-Fright Killer contains 50 topics which:

  • provoke controversy;
  • are not covered in coursebooks in greater detail;
  • are often set as language exam tasks.


Why is this book useful?

Exam-Fright Killer's fifty advanced topics:

  • give background information on a range of subjects;
  • provide essential advanced vocabulary;
  • present arguments both for and against hot topics;
  • help with both written and oral parts of language examinations.


Who is this book for?

Exam-Fright Killer is for advanced learners who:

  • are preparing for ECL, TELC, BME, Euro, Origo, etc. language exams;
  • want to take the advanced Hungarian national test;
  • wish to read brief summaries of everyday topics.



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